** Welcome to Sea Fishers Group ** In Search of hidden treasures in the high seas ** The Fish you will eat tomorrow has not yet been caught ** Deep sea fishing, a challenge for reward ** We don't catch all the fish, keep a lot for sea & our grand children...
:: Corporate :;
Deep Sea Fishing in Bangladesh was considered a hazardous business proposition by many. The Sea Fishers Group of Companies is the pioneer the business of deep-sea fishing in Bangladesh, products of Sea Fishers Group acts as the alternative source of protein for the nation.

Incorporated: 1982, The Sea Fishers Group includes :

Sea Fishers Ltd, Sea Resources Ltd, Deep Sea Fishers Ltd, Sea Resources Cold Storage Ltd, Sea Resources Agencies Ltd, Sea Seolim Surimi Ltd, Agro Food Services Ltd, Fishers Shipyard Ltd, Seamans Dockyard & Fishmeal Ltd, SRL Marine Product Ltd.

The Board who steers ...
Chariman's Message :

Our plight was not a smooth one. It was rugged & full of uncertainty, as we began our journey in 1982 with little technical knowledge or expertise and two hired trawlers. Our main asset was a determined, hardworking & efficient team. Our main focus and success lies in producing quality products that meet the highest international standards. That is why our product has earned reputation and confidence in the market and the well known brand name “ Fishers Brand ” .

Our objectives :

To explore treasures hidden in the high seas, a challenging task for reward.
To add as much protein as possible to the protein deficiency of the country.
To earn foreign currency for the country through exporting quality products to the tune of buyers choice.
To create employment opportunities.
To train manpower at sea and shore
Mr. A. Rouf Chowdhury, Chairman.
Mr. Amanullah Chowdhury, MD Mrs. Zakia Rouf Chowdhury, Director Mrs. Romana Rouf Chowdhury, Director Mrs. Ummehani Chowdhury, Director Prof. M. S. Chowdhury, Director Mrs. Sabra Yasmin Chowdhury, Director
Mrs. Razia Samad, Director